Birth Doula Services:

  • I will provide continuous emotional, physical, and informational support for you and your partner, to help you move towards the vision you have for your baby's birth.  I will stay by your side from the time you call to tell me you're in labor, until 1-2 hours after the birth of your baby
  • Three to five prenatal visits to assess your needs and desires for birth, define and understand our expectations of one another, and provide you with useful tools for labor and birth.  I will also attend a prenatal appointment with you and your caregiver, if you choose
  • Birth plan assistance to help you clarify your preferences for birth and explain the options that are available to you
  • Initial breastfeeding support immediately after birth to help your baby latch on properly and encourage the establishment of breastfeeding
  • One postpartum follow-up visit to celebrate the birth of your baby and answer any questions you have during the early postpartum period, including breastfeeding 
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support to answer your questions and offer suggestions and support throughout pregnancy and early labor
  • Twelve weeks of phone and e-mail support, following the birth of your baby
  • A backup doula, whom you will meet, in the rare event I am unable to attend your birth. 

My standard fee is $480.  However, I believe every woman deserves a doula, so if you find my rates out of your price range please contact me to discuss payment plans, bartering and reduced fees. 

Contact your insurance company- they MAY cover the cost of your doula! 

Other Services:

Belly casting- Belly casting is a fun and beautiful way to remember your pregnancy.  Your belly can be cast in a variety of ways.  Some women like to do this for Blessingways, baby showers, or as a fun activity for children.  Contact me for more information.  Gift certificates are available! 

Cloth diapering education and trial package-  I offer couples a private cloth diapering class and a 30 day cloth diaper trial. The trial includes many different types of diapers, including- All In Ones, Pockets, Prefolds, and Fitteds. This allows you to try them out before investing a lot of money. 

Placenta printing and encapsulation-  Placenta encapsulation is done within 48 hours of your birth.  Encapsulating can lessen postpartum bleeding and prevent postpartum depression.  Placenta printing or Tree of Life printing is a beautiful way to remember your pregnancy. Contact me for more information!   

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